Shane Eagle – Memory

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Shane Eagle – Memory

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The accomplished Musician, Shane Eagle comes back with another studio blast titled “Memory“, which made made available for free Mp3 Download for you our most appreciated Visitor.

Shane Eagle in the Music industry starts up the music journey in 2022 with this impressive new song titled “Memory“

This new song, Memory mp3 is a record that comes with good beats and lyric flows, The song was well dominated by lovely instrumentals as Memory drifted from regular tune to a killa Jams.

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Quotable Lyric

Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
I’m at the crib staring through this gold mirror man
This the one that my pops left me before he dip
Now picture this, life is rare and you barely trip
This is not for the public, this is not for sale
I’m just recording my thoughts, make a wish in a well
I’mma cop me the V, rest in paradise to virgil
I’mma cop me the G-class
My girl got a fat ass since she was in math class
That’s way before rap man, that’s way before double tap on Instagram
I fell in love, the strongest drug from the Holy one
Memories, bumping classic CDs inspirеd me to go and get my own discography
We three for three, four by thе time you hearing this, uh
And I’m blessed to hit record and pour my heart in these songs
Till the right one hear it then poof, I’ll be gone from out of here
Maybe I should rewind the year, ’cause memory is prolly more precious than diamonds
Maybe that’s why I’m still rhyming so I could never forget
Ugh, king of the mileage bruh I’m a monster
Rap phenomenal, flew to the moon like Frank Sinatra
This that ride for the ones who came before me
This that chase the paper till the early morning shift
I love you when you in your purest form, I know we gonn’ weather the storm
You look better with me on your arm
Uh, you’re a doll, this is forever like Tony Benny [?] body and soul
You cleanse my spirit, turn my house into a home
This is what love is, gamma is in my bones
May he without sin go cast the first stone
I don’t carry hate in my heart, just pass the codes
My heart is just like my Father’s, it’s pure golden
These flows and turn droughts into oceans
Therefore, the free form that I take on can’t be compared to no other rapper, haha
I’mma take the Mussein, you could keep the new chain
I’m Jordan in the Game

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