Lizzy Musi Biography & Net Worth

This your best time to read and be knowledgeable about the Net Worth biography of a Popular Female Athlete in Motor Racing, Lizzy Musi. In this article, you will know about Lizzy Musi Net Worth, Boyfriend, Age, Racing Career & crash.

Lizzi Musi Net Worth

Swift Profile (Lizzy Musi)

NET WORTH$500,000
Name:Lizzy Musi
Date of birth:1st of January, 1991
Age:30 years old (2021)
Profession:Car Racer & Blogger 
Height:1.75 m
Weight:64 kg
Parents:Pat Musi (Dad)
Elizabeth Musi (Mum)
Sibling:Patricia Musi
Marital status:Single
Boyfriend:Kye Kelley
Last Updated:3rd Feb. 2021

Lizzy Musi Biography

Lizzy Musi

Lizzy Musi (Born: 1st of January, 1991) is feasibly one of the most famous female personalities in the world of drag racing. Lizzy Musi warm parent and uncommon ability at the racing tracks make her a mix of splendor and rugged star. Funny enough, her bodily look would possibly achieve fooling a newcomer withinside the racing circle, however humans who’ve been round for some time can be short to tell such approximately the explosive strength wrapped up in a lovely package.

Early Life of Musi

Lizzy Musi was born to Pat and Elizabeth Musi. She was named after her mother, just like her younger sister was given the female version of their fatherβ€˜s name. Lizzy was born and bred in New Jersey, USA. She graduated from the Carter High School in New Jersey.

The pretty blonde must have fallen in love with the household business because she discontinued her education after high school to stay around her father’s workshop. The bio of Rosa Salazar:

Her personal life and success story Having graduated from high school, Lizzy decided to become a full-time apprentice with her dad at his engine building store. She, however, was not handed the privilege of driving and servicing cars’ engines on a platter. She started by sweeping the floor daily and also ensuring that greasy stains are not left unchecked to prevent workshop accidents.

Below Are Some Important Questions & Their Quick Answers About Lizzy Musi

How Old is Lizzy Musi?
Lizzy Musi birthday is 1st of January, 1991. She is currently 30 Years Old as of the time of this article.

What Are The Name Of Lizzy Musi Sibling(s)? Lizzy Musi only have a sister named Patricia MusiPatricia Musi is also a racer, and she is a Nitrous Pro Street World Champion.

What is Lizzy Musi Height Measurement & Weight
The bombshell beauty stands at a height of 5 ft 9 in / 175 cm and weighs only 64 kg. Her body measurement is 35-24-35 with blonde hair and green eyes. When you take a look at her, Lizzy appears as a model more than a drag racer.

What Are The Name Of Lizzy Musi Parents?
Lizzy Musi was born to Pat and Elizabeth Musi, all from United State of America.

What Is Lizzy Musi Net Worth?

Lizzy Musi Net Worth is $150,000 as of the time of the post. Lizzy Musi has made most of her money from the tracks; there is no disputing this. She has been a competitive drag racer ever since he was a teenager. However, we should also point out that Musi is involved in the family business. Musi Racing Engines is an auto-shop that her father launched back in the 70s.

Lizzy and her father work with PDRA to produce engines for several drag racers. Her father’s engines are part of why she has broken so many records so far. Additionally, Lizzy is also affiliated with an online store that sells beauty products.

While she is not the main proprietor, Lizzy receives a cut of the profits from her efforts in promoting the various products. Sources say that professional drag racers can make as much as $150,000 a year. Presently, Lizzy Musi’s net worth is $500,000.

What About Lizzy Musi Car Crashes?

Being a drag racer, we were not surprised to learn that Lizzy has been involved in several accidents. It is just part of the trade. Back in 2012, for example, she was involved in an accident while in her 68 Camaro. This came during the Drag Racing League, which was held in Bristol, Tennessee.

Just a few years later, and Lizzy was involved in another crash. It came during one of the qualifying rounds at the PDRA Texas Nationals. The latest accident came during an episode of Street Outlaws, which aired two years back. She was in a car nicknamed β€˜the Shocker,’ at the time.

Lizzy Musi Social Media

On Instagram, she is active as lizzymusi with 797 posts and 203k followers she has posted pictures of herself in cars, on holidays, and pictures of her family.

On Facebook, she has opened an account as Lizzy Musi @lizzymusiracing with 97,595 likes and 225,701 people following her.

Lizzy has joined Twitter as @Lizzy_Musi in May 2015 and to date, she has 5,393 Followers. She has defined herself as a Driver of the Dodge Dart Pro Nitrous car and the First female to run 207MPH 3.63 to the 1/8th mile.

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