Chiké – You Deserve feat. YCee

chike The Brother's Keeper
chike The Brother's Keeper

You Deserve – Chiké feat. Stream & Download on the Platform for free Mp3. The Lyrics and Music Video Mp4 is also available Official version.

  • Artist Name: Chiké
  • Song Name: You Deserve
  • Album: The Brother’s Keeper
  • Song Category: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Year Recorded: 2022

Chiké the musician, responds with another studio banger titled “You Deserve” which has made freely downloadable for you, our valued visitor.

Chiké career in the music industry begins in 2022 with the outstanding new song “You Deserve”

This brand-new song, You Deserve has catchy beats and smooth lyrics. As the song transitioned from a standard melody to a jam, it was well dominated by wonderful instrumentals.

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You can now Listen & Download this interesting track “Chiké – You Deserve feat. YCee”


Chiké – You Deserve feat. YCee (Official Video)

Chiké – You Deserve feat. YCee Lyric

[Verse 1: Chike]
I call you my angel, angel
Queen of my heart
Deep down I know you belong to the stars
You’re the reason why I work so hard
Don’t want anything to keep us apart
You call me your baby, baby
Prince of your heart
Deep down you see me, I dey play my part
That’s the reason why you keep so calm
You don’t wanna be the one to drive us apart
So what am I supposed to do?
’Cause I don’t wanna lie to you
Maybe I should face the truth
I think I’m gonna lose you
[Chorus: Chike]
You deserve more than I can give
I don’t wanna be so selfish
And keep you here with me
You deserve more than I can give
I don’t wanna be so sеlfish
I don’t wanna be so selfish

[Verse 2: Ycee]
(Ain’t nobody badder than)
Awakеn to my dark twisted fantasy
How could I be so heartless?
It’s days like this you really start to wonder where my heart is
Plainly put there’s honesty when I’m dishonest
I guess that’s how it is when you f…king with all these artistes
Hate how you think the best solution is to take a break
You can’t eat what you don’t have, this ain’t no piece of cake
It really kills me that this love ain’t really meant to be
And as cliché as it sounds, girl it’s not you it’s me
Toss and turning, losing sleep
Best of friends now who are we?
It’s gon’ really start to hurt when Snapchat hit with memories
Ugh! The pain behind these melodies
I swear I’m charged up but I’m slowly losing energy
You don’t deserve all of the shit I did
So yeah it’s better that you leave ’cause karma’s still a bitch
And in your absence yeah I felt it
But an element of selfishness is needed to be selfless
[Chorus: Chike]
You deserve more than I can give
I don’t wanna be so selfish
And keep you here with me
You deserve more than I can give
I don’t wanna be so selfish
I don’t wanna be so selfish

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