Kodak Black – I’m So Awesome

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Artist(s) Name:
Kodak Black

Song Name:
I’m So Awesome


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Kodak Black the musician, responds with another studio banger titled “I’m So Awesome ” which geckofeeds.com has made freely downloadable for you, our valued visitor.

Kodak Black career in the music industry begins in 2022 with the outstanding new song “I’m So Awesome”

This brand-new song, I’m So Awesome  has catchy beats and smooth lyrics. As the song transitioned from a standard melody to a jam, it was well dominated by wonderful instrumentals.

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Kodak Black – I’m So Awesome Lyrics.

Uh, hopped out to spray, then I hopped in the Wraith
Yeah, I’m havin’ fun today
Step on these niggas and they better not play
Yeah, that’s what my mama say
Get you some money, you stay here, you pay
You can’t be sittin’ in my mansion all day
I go to prison, I’m havin’ my way
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm
Go to Morocco and fuck on a thot ho, I’m so, I’m so awesome
Think ’cause she finer she gon’ get designer, no, get you a job or somethin’
Jay Crack my dog, you know he been my weenie
Fuck with him long way, he knew me since peewee
Remember them times I was fuckin’ a fifi
Yeah, uh, thanks for them letters, bae, now you get CC
All of my bitches be yellow like Beezy
Flex on these niggas, I make it look easy
I’m draggin’ my nuts, they be all on my Fiji
Drip on these bitches, they eatin’ my spit up
Ran out of gas, I’ma need me a fill up
She say I raped the bitch, no, but I bit her
I got too much money, ain’t doin’ no sit-up
Hopped out to spray, then I hopped in my bag, yeah, I’m in my Birkin
Shoutout to Gucci, I think that’s my dad, yeah, I was just jerkin’
I hit the woah ’cause I like that lil’ dance
I be on go, you gon’ lay where you stand
Pull out the Ghost, I’m too rich for a Benz
Mmm, yeah
Lil’ one be callin’ me daddy and shit, uh, that ain’t my baby
Shorty be throwin’ her kids on me, hmm, ’cause they need savin’
This how I’m livin’, I’m deadass
End of your girl, your lil’ head ass
Like when you callin’ me daddy, ha
Daddy, zaddy, pullin’ up, I’m on the addy
They searched the crib, but I still got a gun in the attic
I done got really established
This wasn’t ‘posed to happen ’cause I was just jackin’ and stuff
I turn a nigga to maggots, yeah, he dead, flies everywhere
I done created the fabric that niggas be jackin’, so they gotta pay me to wear
Courvoisier is a poor nigga drink, but I’m drinkin’ it, you need a license to share
I’ma Z all I can Z and I Z who I Z, that’s just the way that I am
Courvoisier is a poor nigga drink, but I drink it, I drink it
I keep some sack and a MAC and a shank in my blanket, the blanket
I keep security ’cause I’m tired of shootin’
I be on tears and my eyes be googly
Big dumbass rubies on all of my toothies
Ass shots, I put that fire on your booty
Hop in and spray soon I hop out the coochie
I’m a clean lil’ nigga, I’m awesome
I got a whole lot of millions, I ain’t want a Benz, so I bought my dog one
I don’t be countin’ the Maybach truck, even though it’s a Benz, I don’t it count though
Thirty inch rims, gotta mount it though
I’ma treat you like you weren’t my round before
Candy paint Lamb’, just hopped out to spray
I keep some bands on me just to go play
I’m not a fan of you niggas, okay?
You ain’t got no plans, then you just in my way
Step on these niggas, I stand on them hoes
Cutthroat nigga, yeah, anythin’ go
I hop out the vehicle, fixing my pistol
Bounce out on niggas, I look like I’m Tigger

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