JID – Lauder Too feat. Ravyn Lenae

JID The Forever Story
JID The Forever Story

Lauder Too – feat. Ravyn Lenae Stream & Download on the Platform for free Mp3. The Lyrics and Music Video Mp4 is also available Official version.

  • Artist Name: JID
  • Song Name: Lauder Too
  • Featured Artist: Ravyn Lenae
  • Album: The Forever Story 
  • Song Category: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Year Recorded: 2022

JID feat. Ravyn Lenae the musician, responds with another studio banger titled “Lauder Too” which geckofeeds.com has made freely downloadable for you, our valued visitor.

JID career in the music industry begins in 2022 with the outstanding new song “Lauder Too”

This brand-new song, Lauder Too has catchy beats and smooth lyrics. As the song transitioned from a standard melody to a jam, it was well dominated by wonderful instrumentals.

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You can now Listen & Download this interesting track “JID – Lauder Too feat. Ravyn Lenae”


JID – Lauder Too feat. Ravyn Lenae (Official Video)

JID – Lauder Too feat. Ravyn Lenae Lyric

Tryna find a way to like, not overstep
But it’s really just me, um
It’s something I gotta, whatever

Look, pardon me but a part of me looking for more
Giving my heart, my art, my arteries, what do you want more?
Minority boy, Black, looking for joy
They snatch it, looking back put a pain in for it
But I’m tapped, I lapped tap water and tap dance
To tabernacles before the Lord, the pattern is no avoid
Not gon’ avoid the words that come a voice inside of my head
I’m sick of the noise

So be a bigger nigga, put your finger on the trigger
As you looking at the mirror, mirror, mirror, on the wall
And let that bitch rip till your backbones slip
And no, them cracks don’t give no black fuck ’bout y’all
Just your ass, your hips, your lips, my dick tip, my black balls
Dribbling, and dipping them in your jaws
Scribbling word rhymes, the crowd giving applause
But, in my spirit, I feel it that they don’t hear me at all

Nigga, my nigga, look at the bigger picture, we flawed, okay, cool
You picking up figures, nigga, we proud, you pay dues
But now you got to do what you can and can’t abuse your power
Let’s come up with a plan and we pursue and devour
But don’t get shit fucked up
I be in the fourth front with the .45, don’t front
Back then, right now, last week, last month
Backseat shotgun door, I got one

Lonely, anger deep in your life
No matter what you say
No matter what you do, can’t hide
This shit is trouble (Trouble)
I stand beside you
Hit me now
Hand on the bottle

Yeah, pardon me but a part of me looking for more
Giving my heart, my art, my arteries, what do you want more?
Majority push packs, they unemployed
Part of your past traps and crack come in the stores, it’s on
Boarded windows, chosen board rooms, and bored negroes
Nothing to do but war wounds and more vigils
Candle light mood, the more women
The more widows lookin’ for food without a dude and four kidos
Fuck it, I’m sick as fuck and I told you motherfuckers no recovering
Kick it up and I’m coughing and spitting legitimate love like a drug loaded in the snuff
They look for information on who the plug on the black pipe
Black gloves, black night, Black baby girl, keep her wrapped tight
Give a brother a hug and not a slug (That’s right)
Fear with trouble should come, we never crumble
That’s why we’ve been done for life

Got a weird feeling the enemy’s on the way
Give a little energy, anything motivates
Come around, namaste
Now you’re down, don’t be afraid
Just keep that fear locked out
Come feel the love, feel in love right now
Feel the love
Come feel the love, feel in love right now

Rain down
Come feel the love, feel the love right now
Feel the love
Come feel the love, come feel in love right now
Rain down
Come feel the love, feel in love right now
(Feel the love)
Come feel the love, feel in love right now
Gotta feel the love, gotta show the love
Gotta feel, gotta show the love
Gotta, gotta show, oh, show tonight

Until the ocean dries to dust
Just rest assure the sun will come
So close your eyes and ease your fear
Just let me whisper in your ear
Forever more (Forever more)
Ever more
Forever more

Hm, hm-hm
Hm-hm, hm
Let go, let it go
Hm, hm-hm
Hm-hm, hm (Oh, oh, oh, hey)
Hm, hm-hm
Hm-hm, hm (Hey, hey, hey, oh, oh, oh, hey)

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