JID & Ari Lennox – Can’t Make U Change

JID The Forever Story
JID The Forever Story

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  • Artist Name: JID & Ari Lennox
  • Song Name: Can’t Make U Change
  • Album: The Forever Story 
  • Song Category: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Year Recorded: 2022

JID & Ari Lennox the musician, responds with another studio banger titled “Can’t Make U Change” which geckofeeds.com has made freely downloadable for you, our valued visitor.

JID & Ari Lennox career in the music industry begins in 2022 with the outstanding new song “Can’t Make U Change”

This brand-new song, Can’t Make U Change has catchy beats and smooth lyrics. As the song transitioned from a standard melody to a jam, it was well dominated by wonderful instrumentals.

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JID & Ari Lennox – Can’t Make U Change (Official Video)

JID & Ari Lennox – Can’t Make U Change Lyric

Just period
Fuck wrong with this nigga
Can’t make you change
Can’t make you change
Can’t make you change (I tried)
Can’t make you change

Uh, Look, stuck in my ways, I know it kinda sucks
Wasting all this time and trust
Diamonds in the rough, they had the toughest luck at finding love
You can’t change a nigga playing games, girl you should find a sub
Music soul child or lil Wayne should teach me how to love
Or teach me how to turn hoe into house husband, from out the club
Known as buster, TLC would call me a scrub
Back when I was but now I’m getting it slow as fuck, I’m growing up and you know that I’m stubborn
You trynna rush it but

Can’t make you change
Can’t make you change
Can’t make you change
Can’t make you change
Can’t make you change (Alright, baby, baby, baby, bitch boy please)
Can’t make you change (Nigga mad at how I look, nigga can’t buy me no book)
Can’t make you change (I got a book in his room. Don’t got a bible?
In the closet. Nigga’s damn near in the closet)
(I tried)
Can’t make you change (Nigga’s mad, mad. It’s sad. It’s sad. Ugly ass, lame ass, dirty ass, dusty ass.)

Baby don’t leave, you’re all I need
And if you stay then Imma change my ways
Baby don’t leave, you’re all I need
And if you stay then Imma change my ways
Baby don’t leave, you’re all I need
And if you stay then Imma change my ways
Baby don’t leave, you’re all I need
And if you stay then Imma change my ways

Juggling pain and struggling problem
Looking for danger, dugging and dodging
I got a banger and not small one
Nigga’s be changing like a revolver
You been the same but you done been solid mane
I got a plotter
Fuck all the fame and fuck all the dollars mane
Fuck what they talking, I’m ashamed
Then feel like I lose the game (Aye)
She said that my head too hard (Ow)
I tried to be good, but nah
I’m leaving it up to God (Mhm)
Squeezing the grah, thah, thah (Ouu)
I my, did I go too far?

(Talk about this shit. You know what I’m saying, my baby daddy pissed me off today, see we could talk about these

Yeo, yeo, yeo, yeo, yeo, uh

Look, uh, a nigga whines change, trying hard as I can
But harder, trynna redesign the nature of man
DND, she in my DM for my DNA strands
Ain’t fall for the scams
Then again I’m fighting off all the thoughts in my pants
Pretty broads, menages, spin to fall out in France
In the stars, on the ocean, in the boat or the sand
Don’t you lie to me, do me like you Delilah and Sampson
I can’t change, you didn’t even really give me a chance
(Nigga I gave your ass one million, two million, three million fucking chances)

Look, save the narrative, you saving it for marriage
I’m flying back from Paris, I can text you in the air
Remember when we met, and you said that you love the fade, but I should grow my hair
Ex-man was banned, couldn’t grow a pair
Then you start fucking with the misses, not the messieurs
Life is love, love is really life as long as its pure
I ain’t speaking in genders, you could follow agendas
I ain’t trynna be the guy that’s gone make you cry me a river like I’m Justin Timber
Timberlake or Timberland, I’m controlling my temper
Good, before I turn into a timber wolf
In the woods, you my lil red riding hood
Thought you was hiding, how you fit in, it’s kind of obvious
On a connect flight to Atlanta, leaving LaGuardia
Arguing over anonymous women, now we got a audience
The fuck, damn

Don’t play with me. Where is your coins, come pick up yo kids, and go home to yo bitch
The one you could; the one that you could play with
Not this one. Tuh, for real
Shady. Shady boots
Huh, huh, what Mike gotta say?
Stop calling here fucking up my family, it’s a real nigga who will
Tuh, it’s a real nigga who will
And that’s on Mary’s first lamb. Ha ha ha

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