Eminem – The King and I Ft. CeeLo Green

Eminem – Curtain Call 2
Eminem – Curtain Call 2

The King and I – Eminem Ft. CeeLo Green Stream & Download on the Platform for free Mp3. The Lyrics and Music Video Mp4 is also available Official version.

  • Artist Name: Eminem
  • Featured Artist: CeeLo Green
  • Song Name: The King and I
  • Album: Curtain Call 2
  • Song Category: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Year Recorded: 2022

Eminem ft. CeeLo Green the musician, responds with another studio banger titled “The King and I” which geckofeeds.com has made freely downloadable for you, our valued visitor.

Eminem career in the music industry begins in 2022 with the outstanding new song “The King and I

This brand-new song, The King and I has catchy beats and smooth lyrics. As the song transitioned from a standard melody to a jam, it was well dominated by wonderful instrumentals.

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You can now Listen & Download this interesting track “Eminem – The King and I Ft. CeeLo Green”


Eminem – The King and I Ft. CeeLo Green (Official Video)

Eminem – The King and I Ft. CeeLo Green Lyric

[Eminem “The King and I (ft. CeeLo Green)” Chinese translation lyrics]

[Prelude: CeeLo Green]

[Verse 1: Eminem with CeeLo Green]
Lord quietly debuts as if there are leftovers A toothpaste tube at the bottom, a
pair of blue leather shoes, there is only one
missing It’s for the trailer park 2nd it’s for the mom of the kids 3rd it wants you to eat more potato chips then get four 5th if you’re swinging it’s a high five Yeah, the chrysanthemums and the remaining money are all rolled up. It’s really long when the money roll is unfolded. Anyway, it takes longer than that blond and blue-eyed makeup. After all, Elvis and I are as close as “roommates”. This is the prison . —

[Chorus: CeeLo Green & Eminem]
And I don’t care what you say
I just want to see the king again
and if you don’t like it then you shut up and sit down and
give you a middle finger buddy ready to do it again

[Verse 2: Eminem]
has always styled a bottle of blond hair dye
, self-awareness, and after bleaching, my father was on the top five.
Since my brother was signed by the company, we have gone from pie
to Jack and Magic Beans
. I have to think that you are diabetics who can’t eat sugar.
They are all on needles . His stuff still burns when I’m speeding up like I’m finally revived Rap like my new drug bro treats rap like Shubei is still toe-to-toe and I’m still punching the devil every day Order something, you ‘re as strong as a bull, like a boxer Danny who says goodbye, and Kennell old ways. Money piles are like a bucket of Pringles. Sometimes I feel like Pietros. The singles keep going , Boer, there’s no folds, you’ll stay young forever, you use me as a sleeping tool, don’t you dare to ignore it [Chorus: CeeLo Green] And I don’t care what you say I just want to see the king again And if you don’t like it, just shut up and sit and give you a middle finger, buddy, get ready to do it again

[Back chorus: Eminem with CeeLo Green] Say it
this way: One is for the trailer park, two is for the mother of the child, and
three is for the potato chips. Give you
a thumbs
up and give you a middle finger and we’re going to do it again

[Verse 3: Eminem & CeeLo Green]
Brother copied black music, right, right,
but it’s also a tool to fight against school. The
kids are back The bathroom and
stuff like that now I call the sunspots the bidet,
after all they can’t do it, they’re so horny they’re so pissed
off We got rid of the prescription drugs and the nasty alcohol and now I’m more and more famous The bigger and bigger brother Hip-hop is still with you day and night Like a giant python (Let me tell you this) Now I’m To explain to you all the similarities between me and Elvis is actually pretty obvious: first, he’s as pale as me, second, we’re both called kings, he rocked in jail, and I was underground , we’re like hotshots Cheese sells all over the world But you still miss me who used to travel the world This thing just passed your brain After all, your legs are weak You just really bowed to me I used to lose my self-esteem I used to fall asleep with tears in my eyes To be honest I need a voice After all you guys

Inspired my determination that I want to make you lose.
People who believe in me I take my faith from you too.
All I need to do is hear the same words from you.
My dad talked to me when I was a week or two old. I said
“Marshall I’m going to leave you / I believe in you” (haha stupid) Stop messing around
with things that make people delirious Only beliefs exist in themselves
Once you break too many world records Guinness records Raise a glass to celebrate
what you said, brother, all smiles,
my ears are calloused, and my hearing has faded
[Chorus: CeeLo Green with Eminem]
And I don’t care what you say
I just want to see the king again
and if you don’t like it then you shut up and sit down and
give you a middle finger buddy ready to do it again

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