Stellariverz Makes Know To The Public Her New Song “You Love Me” Feat. Protek Illasheva

Stella Mary Kalio, better known by her stage name Stellariverz, is a gospel singer and composer who believes in God’s love and teachings. She is a devoted artist who believes she has been graced and prepared for the ministry from a young age because of her stamina and exceptional musical aptitude, regardless of the circumstances.

She debuts her fresh new love ballad “You Love Me,” a track that arrives just in time for Good Friday and Easter, a time when we remember Christ’s love, His death and resurrection, and everything He did for us. It features Protek Illasheva, a well-known and prolific rapper and afrogospel artist. Eli-J was in charge of the production.

The multi-talented songwriter is motivated by her surroundings and happenings and creates her songs when she is influenced by the Holy Spirit during worship sessions. But,

Finally, she regards music as more than a hobby or a path to a job; she sees it as a gift from God that brings spiritual freedom and draws many people closer to GOD. She feels that music unites people and offers them a sense of belonging. Stella considers herself a soul winner with the responsibility of creating a difference in people’s lives, rather than a career or an industry.

ABOUT THE SONG BY  Stellariverz

“The song “You Love Me” was inspired by God’s word, my experiences, and my conviction that nothing can separate us from God’s love and how MINDFUL he is about us,” Stellariverz said of her new single release. YOU LOVE ME is my awe-inspiring assertion of God’s unfailing love and understanding of his children’s needs. His love has never failed me, and I’m confident it will not fail many more Christians and others in the future. “This song is a declaration of thanks for his never-ending and unwavering love.”

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Stellariverz wishes to collaborate with more gospel musicians, host worship events, and see thousands of people give their hearts to God. Her belief is that God has mapped out those who will be influenced by her music, and she hopes to look back in a few years and see who has been impacted.

As a budding gospel musician, she has a lot of role models and mentors, but her musical influences are Maranda Curtis and Lauren Daigle in particular.

More love, her personality, her ingenuity, and her distinct sound are just a few of the many distinguishing characteristics she hopes she will bring to the market. She feels that God created her in a special way and that she would like to work with other gospel musicians to win more souls for God.

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