Nigeria’s Flood will Cause Climate Change – Uk Representaive

Nigeria's Flood will Cause Climate Change - Uk Representaive
Nigeria's Flood will Cause Climate Change - Uk Representaive

Alok Sharma, President of COP26 and a British politician call for a more rigid action to fight climate change, in the meeting that took place in Glasgow.

This was held on Sunday, November 6, 2022 in Sharm el-Shiekh, Egypt as the COP27 began.

Sharma began his speech by stating that 1.5 Degree Celsius has reached an enunciatedΒ in Paris Agreement. Sharma also mentioned the catastrophe which would occur if non action is taken to account and fast.

He said, β€œFriends, we are not currently on a pathway that keeps 1.5 degree Celsius in reach. And whilst I do understand that leaders around the world have faced competing priorities this year, we must be clear as challenging as our current moment is, inaction is myopic, and can only defer climate catastrophe.”

Sharma says one of the impact in this Climate change has already stated occurring such as the flood in Pakistan and Nigeria. That how many wake up calls do our leaders need to create the ability to focus on more tan one thing at once? A third of Pakistan are under water and the worst flooding in Nigeria over a decade. The record of drought is arising in history, worst drought in 500 years in Europe, in a thousand years in the United States, and the worst in which China has recorded ever,” He said.

Alok Sharma communicated hope no that the world leaders at the conference should explain their acheivement within the past year and how they strategies there system to go futher in coming years. He promised that the united Kingdom would reach ambitious outcomes across the agenda of the climate conference which are on mitigation adaptation and loss and damages.

More so, the Egyptian Foreign Affairs Minister and Sameh Shoukry, has strategy’s on how to fight against climate change with the use of the opportunity that the climate conference provides to make a multilateralism work by calling on other countries.

Watersehd Moment, Shoukry called this period when he said” We are gathered this year at a time when global climate action is at a watershed moment. Geopolitics, Sky rocketing prices , and growing financial crisis challenges Multilateralism, while several countries are struggling with recovery from the last pandemic.

COP27 develops a unique opportunity for the world to unite in 2022, to make multilateralism work by:

  • Restoring Trust
  • Coming together at a higher level to fight against the climate change
  • Remember the goal of COP27

COP27 is expected to end on Friday, November 18, 2022.

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